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Tragedy Strikes

September 2020 Update

So much has been going on in our own small world that it’s easy to forget how lives are being affected in other worlds like Haiti. This summer has been one of death & rebuilding, tragedy & grief in Caneille.

In June we learned that Magda, who has been a part of the School of Grace at Calvary Chapel Caneille since 2006, lost her father suddenly. She and her 3 children found themselves without a home. She is a single Mom and had started building a house a little at a time, but it was far from finished. I put the word out to many of you who knew her as she was always there to help with our missions and outreaches to the children. We were able to send $2,000 to help finish her new home!

While Pastor Bastia was in Wisconsin trying to get his U.S. green card renewed, his oldest 16-year-old stepson Hyguens became very sick. His appendix had ruptured and they transported him to a hospital in PAP because there are no platelets available anywhere in their area. Tragically, he passed away with his mother and Bastia’s brother Odenelle there with him. This has hit the whole community so hard, but especially his Mom and siblings. Please keep them in your prayers as they grieve. Miraculously, Pastor Bastia’s paperwork was approved the next day and he was able to make it back home in time for the funeral. The hospital and funeral expenses were extremely high and again many of you were able to donate. CHMM sent the family $4,000 toward them and we now have $2,000 in a fund for a surgical ward inside of the clinic in Hyguens honor! Again, sadly, the need to have good medical help right there in Caneille is desperate.

Life in Haiti continues to be difficult. Who could imagine that it could get worse than it was this past year with all the rioting, road blocks, and inflation? Now add in a pandemic! At least here we can get food to fill our cupboards and electricity to keep us comfortable while we are stuck at home. The main mission of CHMM is to provide medical care to the people of Caneille, but when we see people starving, medicine takes second place. We were also able to send $1,000 in July to buy rice for the people in Caneille. Pastor Bastia says that the value of their money is dropping but the prices of everything are staying up. This will cause even more starvation and despair. Please pray that God would intervene for the people of Haiti during these desperate times.

Again, thank you for your support of this mission. I hope that my next newsletter will have good news to share about the clinic!

Pastor Bastia, Nounoute and their beautiful family (Hyguens is holding his mother's arm)

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