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So thankful for Clinique de l'Espoir (Clinic of Hope) & how God will use it to help Caneille

So thankful that God provided a window of opportunity for 12 of us to go to Haiti and minister to the needs of the people there. As you have heard, the gangs have locked down the country by stopping transportation of goods and fuel, kidnappings, and destabilizing their government. But God has not turned His back on the people who seek Him. Pastor Bastia has been working tirelessly to help his people survive during this dark time. With the help of all who support the work in Caneille, they have been provided food and fuel. God answered all of our prayers: safety while traveling, timely delivery of the medications from Blessings Int'l, and all of our luggage made it through customs without being searched except for one. Our flights on Mission Aviation Fellowship were a pleasure compared to driving up and over mountains thru gang infested areas to get to Caneille. We felt God's hand on us the whole time we were there in spite of things out of our control. When Steve slipped and severely dislocated his shoulder, He provided an orthopedic specialist on-call on a Saturday night at the closest hospital in Hinche! God let us see first hand why Caneille needs a good clinic! So thankful that the layout of the clinic building is so functional for our needs. With the hard work of the 12 missionaries and the many Haitians we hired, we were able to treat 940 patients in 4 1/2 days, plus 12 who needed to be rechecked. Everyone jumped in and helped where they were needed to keep the clinic running as smoothly as possible. And in the end, after praying with each patient, 15 Haitians decided to make Jesus their Lord!

Thank you for supporting this vital mission to the community of Caneille. We have a long way to go, but in God's timing we will open the doors full time! Please consider CHMM in your year end giving as we head into the next phase of HIS mission. In His service, Julie Gibbs RN

Please pray for:

*Stability in the Haitian government and good leadership.

*Provision for all the furnishings and equipment needed to make the clinic functional.

*Teams to complete the building and repair some problems we found.

*Provision for solar power and a back-up generator.

*God's clear direction on when we can go again.

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