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A Permanent medical clinic in Caneille, Haiti

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

I am excited to share how God is answering our prayers for the permanent medical clinic in Caneille, Haiti. As most of you know, Pastor Bastia purchased a piece of property a stone's throw from Calvary Chapel Caneille in memory of his late wife, Betty. It had been her hope to one day have a clinic in their community to help those who didn't have access to medical care.

 We were so excited to break ground on July 4th and on July 26th both the foundation and the underground plumbing were complete! Thanks to fundraisers and many donations, this dream is becoming a reality. All the work is being directed by professionals from the U.S. who have donated their time, but the labor is done by the Haitians, providing income for the community. They are so happy to have work! 

On August 11th another team will be going down to begin construction of the block walls. God has been moving this project along so much faster than we ever imagined. Please consider how God may want you to be involved in this project and email me for more information. Tax deductible donations for the clinic building can be made by paypal to or find the DONATE button on the website. Please continue to pray for this building project and the people it will serve. To God be the glory! Julie Gibbs More pics/videos on Facebook: Caneille.Haiti Medical Mission

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