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July, 2022

A terrible turn of events for Caneille...

I have bad news about the current situation on the main road that goes between the two major towns, Hinche and Tomassique, where the Clinique d'el Espoir, Calvary Chapel Caneille, and the School of Grace are. To protest their desperate situation, the people have put up 4 roadblocks to keep vehicles from crossing. This means that people are unable to purchase rice, transport their wares to sell or get to work outside their area. The protest is for 2 reasons.

1. They want the road paved because it is washed out in many areas and in such bad shape that even the taxis don't want to travel it. The government had started to repair the road about 5 years ago and then suddenly stopped.

2. They are literally starving to death because of the cost of food.

How can you help?

Please pray that God will intervene and provide for the people of Caneille. HE is able in spite of the road. Pray that their crops would flourish and their fruit trees would have great produce. Pray that there would be an end to the roadblocks and that the government would listen and help the people.

To us, this protest makes no sense and seems to do more harm than good. But to them it is the only way they can get the attention of the government to do something about their plight. The issue goes much deeper than the protest, but too much for an email.

Pastor Bastia feels this may go on for a very long time before any action is taken to help them. They may open the road for a week here and there, but nothing we can depend on. So the bottom line is, we have to postpone the September trip. 😢 I am so sorry, not just for us who are trying to get there, but for the Haitians who desperately need our help.

Please pray for protection for Pastor Bastia & Nounoute as they attempt to get past the roadblock to minister to the church.

Although we are unable to transport provisions to them right now, as soon as that road opens up, we want to be ready. I would like to be able to send money to Bastia ASAP so that he can stockpile food to take in. If you are able to give, you can click on the button below, but prayer is the most important tool we have.

"Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

Please pray about God's plan for our next medical trip to Caneille and contact me if you are interested in joining the team so that I can keep you informed. We know He will make a way as we pray and wait.

May God continue to bless you as we enjoy all the freedoms we have in America. Thank you for your prayers and support of this mission.

In His service, Julie Gibbs, RN

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