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Humanitarian Crisis

November 2019 Update

Thank you for your response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti. The people of Caneille are so blessed to have you standing with them. The situation has not changed there, except for the fact that they have been able to eat because of the rice we purchased by the $2,700 donation we sent! (Unfortunately, the email you received previous to this one was supposed to have gotten to you on Nov. 4th, but I must have forgotten to press "send". So sorry about that. It is important for you to know how your gifts are being used.)

Previously, Pastor Bastia had been giving rice to those who are part of the church and the school, but this time he was able to give to all the families in the community of Caneille! What a blessing and a witness of God's goodness to the people there as Bastia was able to share Jesus' love with them.

Last week we were able to send another $1,800 to buy more food! Praise God for His provision through His people here in the U.S.

More donations have come in, so we will wire more money in 2 weeks if you would like to help. We are also raising money for an ultrasound machine for the new clinic that we will need to begin training people to use.

God bless you for your support of this mission. We will continue to work on the clinic building as finances come in.

Giving Tuesday: The perfect day to show Jesus' love to people desperately in need both physically and spiritually. CHMM gives 100% of your donations to help the people of Caneille, Haiti.

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