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COVID-19 Crisis

June 2020 Update

As an “essential worker”, my work days are much more exhausting with all the new COVID-19 guidelines. I hope you and yours have stayed well during this pandemic and have found ways to minister to those around you.From riots to COVID to quarantine to starvation, things have gone from bad to worse in Haiti. Imagine not having the technology to communicate or the stockpile of groceries in your cupboards or a government who pays you to stay home. The Haitian people in the central plateau around Caneille are mostly farmers who live hand to mouth and they have been forced to stay at home or be arrested. The people of Calvary Chapel Caneille have been suffering so much. One elderly woman was found dead in her home, and another woman 6 months pregnant bled to death because she was unable to get to the hospital. A pastor in Hinche was arrested because he held a funeral service, so Pastor Bastia is unable to even provide comfort to these hurting families.

Last week Pastor was able distribute large bags of rice and oil to many families in the church thanks to donations, but the need is great. I hope we can send more money so we can help others.

Another need has arisen in the church. Those of you who have traveled to Caneille have to remember Magda. She has worked for the School of Grace since 2006 and is now the academy director and is always on campus when we are there, no matter what time of year. Her father died recently and he was a huge help to her and her 3 children. She is a single mom and really struggling to get by, and now she has no home.

She has a piece of property that she has been building on but has run out of money. The walls are up but she still needs the roof, cement floor, and to “smooth” the walls. I’m praying that CHMM will be able to raise the money to provide the roof which will be around $2,000.

You may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned the clinic yet. With all that has been going on, we haven’t had a team there since March when a group from Cornerstone Calvary Chapel in VA finished all the electrical work, PTL! They got back just as COVID was declared a pandemic. Our next steps are to put in a transformer that will bring in city electricity and run wires to the street. We are also ready to lay tile throughout the building, just as soon as the people are allowed to return to work. God willing, this will happen soon. As you can imagine, it has been very hard to watch all of this going on from a distance, knowing that having a clinic would make a world of difference in that community. In God’s perfect time, He will finish the good work He has started!

In closing, thank you for your support of this ministry. I pray that all of you are staying well and able to be in contact with your loved ones. Please pray for our country--wisdom for our leaders and for good to triumph over evil. We have so much more to do before Jesus’ return!

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