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Clinic of Hope

October 2019 Update

As most of you know, we again had to cancel our trip to Haiti that was scheduled to leave this Friday. It is so disheartening to see what is going on there and not be able to go down and help. The civil war has brought the country to a standstill. Public schools have been closed since September, banks have limited funds and hours, government offices are closed, and anyone employed by the government isn’t getting paid. Major roads are blocked by the protestors and most hospitals have cut services or closed entirely. Food and gas are in short supply and prices make it unaffordable to most. The people say that the current crisis is worse than anything they have ever experienced. Pastor Bastia says that the people have “NO HOPE”.

It is no coincidence that our clinic will be called “Clinic OF HOPE”. This is something the people so desperately need. Currently everything is at a standstill with the building because we are unable to send any American teams there. We have sent $3,700 to help with the food and gas crisis there in Caneille. Pastor Bastia has been giving rice to all the families in the church. The School of Grace there at Calvary Chapel Caneille is managing to keep its doors open and today he began to help the school children’s families.

In the meantime, we would like to raise money to lay tile throughout the clinic and dig a septic system. This will be done by Haitians who desperately need the work right now. Secondly, I would like to ask for donations to help feed more people in Caneille and to buy gas for emergency transportation. I am hoping to wire money to Pastor Bastia by next week.

Things look quite bleak. We don’t really know how long this will go on, but we are packed and ready to go when the doors open up again. Please pray that the people would see God’s hand of love and grace on them as they see their prayers answered. Also, that this uprising would come to an end and that God would be glorified.

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