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August, 2022

Smoother Roads and Desperately Needed food for Caneille...God provides through your contributions and prayers!

Dear friends of CHMM,

I have good news to share with you about Caneille! The last letter I wrote I told you about the road blocks the people had made and how this had made it impossible to get food and supplies into the area from the nearby towns. Well, the government actually did something! They took down the roadblocks and have been grading the road. Pastor Bastia tells me that it is much smoother now and makes the commute much faster and easier. Hopefully it will hold up to the rains.

Thanks to so many who donated, we were able to send a total of $4,800 to provide food for 130 families two times July 8 and August 21. The people were so thankful for your support.

I am writing this letter on the new computer that we purchased for the mission. I’ve been using an old laptop (2010) and it can’t handle the updates, so it was time to upgrade. This will make everything so much easier. Thank you for your support of this mission to make it possible!

Our next two projects at the clinic will be:

  • creating a way for water to run off the building without causing erosion to the property.

  • building an outhouse outside the wall for the patients to use as they wait to be seen by a doctor.

We are getting estimates from Haitian engineers to make sure we do it properly.

I am in the process of planning our next medical trip to Caneille. If the Lord wills, we will go during the first 2 weeks of January 2023! We are going to be flying into northern Haiti instead of Port au Prince to avoid all the turmoil there. I am waiting to hear back from Missionary Flights International, who fly into Cap Haitien regularly. From there we will fly to Pinon and Pastor Bastia will pick us up and drive the 45 minutes to Caneille. This could be a much easier way to travel.

Please pray that we will be able to arrange the flights for January and for those who will join the team. If you are interested in going, please email back. I hope to have more information soon!

In His service,

Julie Gibbs, RN

"Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." Psalm 27:14

Please pray about God's plan for our next medical trip to Caneille and contact me if you are interested in joining the team so that I can keep you informed. We know He will make a way as we pray and wait.

May God continue to bless you as we enjoy all the freedoms we have in America. Thank you for your prayers and support of this mission.

In His service,

Julie Gibbs, RN

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